BOWLZILLA Gold Coast storms home

BOWLZILLA Gold Coast storms home

BOWLZILLA Gold Coast dodged all the weather and managed a perfect blue sky day and amazing competition for the second year running. BOWLZILLA Gold Coast built upon last year’s successes to give Australian skating its own fun skater owned and run event. It was an awesome week to celebrate all that makes skateboarding great with art, music and the competition. Yeah Girl was proud to support BOWLZILLA again this year and stoked to see them continue to include women in all aspects of their events.

Judges Panel - Photo by Sarah Huston

Shari Lawson on the judges panel. Photo by Sarah Huston

For the first time in an Australian major skateboard competition, a female judge was on the panel for the whole event. Shari Lawson did an amazing job along with her fellow panellists Bevin Newton and Brodie Jarret. Shari wasn’t chosen because of a quota but because it is long overdue and she deserved the job. This will be a permanent position at BOWLZILLA Gold Coast from here on.

Quit Your Day Job Premiere

Double premiere at Warehouse No. 5

On the Friday night Yeah Girl presented the Gold Coast premiere of the international all women’s skateboard film “Quit Your Day Job” which opened to thunderous applause. We were kept company on the night by Fiik Skateboards and their film premiere of “Steady Lurking” showcasing the best of local talent and humour. A huge thank you to the crew at Warehouse No. 5 for providing your incredible venue for this event.

Celebrations aside, the skating at the competition was incredible and the women’s division saw the return of some of last years competitors along with some new faces. Congrats to everyone that skated and to Taniah, Aimee and Izy for taking the top spots.

Tenille Licari - Photo by Sarah Huston

Tenille Licari // Benihana. Photo by Sarah Huston

Izy Mutu - Photo by Sarah Huston

Izy Mutu // FS Smith. Photo by Sarah Huston

Women’s placings:

1st Taniah Meyers ($250)
2nd Aimee Massie ($150)
3rd Izy Mutu ($100)
4th Tenille Licari
5th Haylie Powell
6th Indiana Barnard
7th Tora Waldren

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