Catch up on a big week of women’s skateboarding

Catch up on a big week of women’s skateboarding

If we take the last week or so as a sign of the times for women’s skateboarding then it probably calls for a bit of a celebration. There’s been so much happening that we’re struggling to keep up! Luckily the core skate media channels have it covered… hallelujah! With so much action to feast your eyes on we’ve picked out a few highlights you don’t want to miss.

Lacey Baker’s “My World” part dropped on Thrasher earlier this week. They said it best when they wrote, “This video part shatters every preconceived notion of girls vs boys. Technically incredible and thoroughly enjoyable, Lacey Baker just brought down the house.”

While you’re over on Thrasher you can also check out their 2017 Girls Combo Pool Classic recap. Jordyn Barrat took out the top spot in the pro division followed by Nicole Hause in second and Poppy Starr in third. Dora Varella took first in Ams 15 & over while Zoe Safanda claimed the top spot in Ams 14 & under.

Quit Your Day Job parts are being released for 48 hours each on Transworld. Be quick if you want to catch Samarria Brevard’s part and keep an eye out for Vanessa Torre’s part dropping in a matter of hours. Of course nothing beats watching the DVD in full though, so head over to to order yourself a copy and own an important part of skate history.

This last week also saw the release of Welcome’s ‘Fetish’ video featuring Nora Vasconcellos and the rest of the Welcome team. Although the 72 hour viewing time for the full video has finished you can still catch a glimpse here. And, like Nora hasn’t been busy enough lately, we also saw the release of her Mob Grip print ad and short video this week.

That should be enough pre-skate hype content to see you through the weekend… Enjoy!

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