CPH Spot Crawl Recap

CPH Spot Crawl Recap

Shout out to everyone that joined us for the Yeah Girl x Xem Skaters spot crawl in CPH on the weekend. Incase you weren’t there to experience the fun first hand, we’ve got a little recap for you.

We met at Vess Gallery in the afternoon to check out the Yeah Girl exhibition and make the most of the smooth bitumen in the quiet street. Once everyone arrived it was onto Enghave Plads for a chill session with a couple of beers. A few of the girls got behind the cameras while others carved out lines and threw down some tricks.

Yeah Girl x Xem Skaters Spot Crawl - Emma Fastesson Lindgren

Emma Fastesson Lindgren, front tail nose grab

Yeah Girl x Xem Skaters Spot Crawl at Enghave Plads

Good times at Enghave Plads

Yeah Girl x Xem Skaters Spot Crawl - Kate Ilyushina

Kate Ilyushina, halfcab noseslide

Yeah Girl x Xem Skaters Spot Crawl - Eugenia Ginepro

Eugenia Ginepro, bank to front tail

We rolled about 20 deep from Enghave to Nørrebro and worked our way from the basketball court to the skatepark where everyone chipped in to put on a feast. We wrapped up the evening with a hilariously heated game of miniature boule.

Check out the short edit below filmed by Nicoline Egeberg, Sarah Huston and Marie Dabbadie.

All photos by Sarah Huston.

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