Introducing Nayat Cheikh

Introducing Nayat Cheikh

Both Nayat and her twin sister Sara are well-known and well-respected skaters within the Barcelona skate scene and if you’ve ever met them you will have noticed the incredible bond they share. Through her recently conceived project ‘sarabynay’, Nayat captures photos of Sara, both on and off her board, from a twins point of view.

Nayat and Sara have a fascinating story which has seen them go from a childhood living in a refugee camp in the Western Sahara to a life of skateboarding in Barcelona. You can read about their inspirational story in Sara’s interview with Free Skateboard Mag.

Check out the ‘sarabynay’ project here and find Nayat on Instagram here.

Yeah Girl CPH 2017 presented by Girls Are Awesome opens at Vess Gallery on July 14th.

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