Introducing Sonia Ziegler

Introducing Sonia Ziegler

Having graduated from Bryggeriets Gymnasium only a year ago, traveled to the far corners of the globe and with a few photo awards under her belt, Sonia shows skill far beyond her years. At only 20 years old, this Copenhagener’s future is looking very bright and we’re honoured to be showcasing her work in this years exhibition.

Despite dabbling with photography in her early teens it wasn’t until Sonia began studying at Bryggeriets (Malmö’s skateboard school) in 2013 that she really started to experiment and take it seriously. Even with so few years behind the lens, Sonia has a very impressive portfolio of powerful shots. Whether she’s photographing the Dalai Lama or a skateboarder, she has a natural gift for capturing the moment.

Check out her work here and find her on Instagram here.

Yeah Girl CPH 2017 presented by Girls Are Awesome opens at Vess Gallery on July 14th.

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