Yeah Girl x KrakBox

Yeah Girl x KrakBox

Heard of KrakBox? Well it’s a subscription box for skateboarders. The first one to ever exist, in fact! And now we’re excited to introduce the Yeah Girl KrakBox.

We met the Krak team earlier this year and after chatting for a while, an idea was born… what about a Yeah Girl x Krak collab box that only features products from female run and orientated brands?

After many months of planning, and following on from the 2017 Yeah Girl exhibition in Copenhagen, we’ve teamed up to bring you this limited edition capsule box.

The Yeah Girl x Krak collab box will include special edition prints from this year’s Yeah Girl exhibiting photographers; products from Meow Skateboards, Girl Skate UK, Spitfire, Bad Ass, and Girls Are Awesome; a new release women’s skate dvd; and a limited edition skate deck, created by the legendary Paul ‘The Professor’ Schmitt exclusively for this box.

Yeah Girl x KrakBox

It’s not just about the products though; it’s about the stories behind them. Also included in the box is the KrakMag print edition, featuring interviews with the people behind the brands and with the photographers from this year’s Yeah Girl exhibition.

For every Yeah Girl KrakBox sold, $2 will be donated to Skateistan, a non-profit organisation that uses skateboarding as a tool for empowerment.

Dig deeper into the world of women’s skateboarding; we’re taking you behind the lenses and behind the scenes to uncover the brands and people across the globe that celebrate ladies of shred.

The box is now available for pre-order and will ship on January 15.

Click on your region to get your box!


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